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Dog Behaviourist Nick Jones MA
Hello, and welcome to my web site. My name is Nick Jones and I run Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd. My role is to support owners and their dogs to enjoy better relationships by improving dog behaviour problems with a calm approach and positive training. It's a simple site that aims to answer questions you may have about the dog behaviour services I offer, and a little about me and my approach as a dog behaviourist and dog expert witness.

A short audio introduction.

Dog behaviour and dog training are diverse subjects, and as a result I encourage you to complete my contact page for dog any behaviour problems you may be experiencing.

I can help you with a broad range of dog behaviour problems and dog training issues; from getting started with your new puppy, to cases of aggression to dogs or people.

For an introduction from me on YouTube click here.

Claim my fees from your pet insurance. As a full member to the
Canine and Feline Behaviour Association, I am recognised for my high quality of behavioural work with dogs, and this may allow you to claim back either part or all of my fees depending on your insurer and level of cover. More details on my insurance page.To compliment my extensive practical skills, I have a Masters Degree in dog behaviour with Middlesex University, London. The degree (Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour and Psychology) is specific to the practice of solving dog behaviour problems and not a general animal based qualification which some use to practice within the field of dog behaviour.

I often give interviews on TV and radio with the BBC, ITV, LBC and Sky on dog behaviour and dog training related matters as well as write for Dogs Monthly magazine each month as a dog behaviour expert. I am also the dog behaviourist to the
Just For Pets group of pet stores, providing open days and offering talks to staff on dog behaviour related areas.

I work in cooperation with vets and enjoy good relations with practices in my immediate area and further afield, giving talks to staff and their clients on dog related subjects.
I'm a keen user of social media and use this to enhance my connection with you. Please use the social icons at the base of this page to connect with me. Most of my daily interactions are now carried out on Facebook. Clients will have full support via phone and email or any other method they choose.

The majority of my work is resolving aggressive behaviour in dogs, usually dog to dog aggression or aggression to people, but I can also help you with any other dog behaviour problems you may be experiencing. I can offer puppy visits, help for pulling, jumping up, separation anxiety, soiling in the home, non recall, excessive barking or nervous dog behaviour. Please refer to the right hand side of this window for a comprehensive list of behaviours (mobile viewers see bottom of the page). In recent years I have built a sound reputation as a
Dog Expert Witness. I also carry out dog behaviour assessments for fostering and adoption organisations.

For your reassurance I have assembled numerous testimonials for you, which can be viewed on
this page and also Google+

Based in Bewdley Worcestershire, I am well placed to serve the following areas: Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Wales, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Dorset, West Midlands, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, London.

Dog behaviour visits can be given in the following areas: Kidderminster, Bewdley, Stourport, Bromsgrove, Halesowen, Worcester, Redditch, Wolverhampton, Telford, Ludlow, Leominster, Hereford, Evesham, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Malvern, Dudley, Stourbridge, Droitwich, Tenbury Wells, Cleobury Mortimer, Cannock, Tamworth, West Bromwich, Walsall, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Warwick, Pershore, Stratford, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol, Cotswolds, Coventry, Northampton, Rugby, Leicester, Derby, Stoke On Trent, Cardiff, Oxford and London. On average I travel 100 miles to each client and drive 25,000 miles per year in my work. Service Map.

I can also travel overseas by prior arrangement, this includes countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and the Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey. Please
enquire if your area is not listed.

Please note that I
do not use aggressive or harsh dog training methods. No shouting at you or your dog, no check chains and no electric or prong collars are used. I shall treat you and your dog with care and respect at all times.

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aggressive dog
Are you struggling with aggressive dog behaviour?

As an experienced dog behaviourist regularly dealing with dog aggression, I am able to help you and your dog return to balanced behaviour. I am committed to helping people understand their dogs more clearly, to regain control where needed, and improving the human-dog bond.

I focus on your handling skills, and creating calm behaviour in your dog. A dog that is calm is able to listen to you and follow your lead when asked to do so. In many respects the solution is quite simple.

I specialise in creating a positive leadership based bond with your dog founded on good common sense, and years of experience dealing with dog behaviour problems just like the ones you're currently experiencing. Most commonly I am asked to help resolve dog to dog aggression as this is the most common type. Second to that comes dog aggression to people, either towards the owners, visitors to the home, or people in public. Aggression to people in and out of the home can cause us to look at the implications of the Dangerous Dogs Act and how it could affect you and your dog. I am experienced in such cases and also work as a
Dog Expert Witness.

I also find that once a dog is aggressive to people, aggression to other dogs is also common place. Aggressive behaviour can then arise around other areas such as territory, guarding of objects and food, or aggressive behaviour when attempting to groom the dog and so on. Aggressive behaviour in dogs can be displayed in more ways than I could describe here; in any event I am experienced in finding a solution.

There are no quick fixes to resolving aggressive dog behaviour, but I am often impressed with how quickly a dog is able to change, and very often this change is clearly evident during my first visit with you. I do not use aggressive or harsh training methods. No check chains, electric or prong collars.

There will be no shouting at the dog (or you!). We shall work on a one to one basis together in your home and/or outdoor environments to find a solution suited for you and your dog that endures and improves with time. Every dog and owner requires a custom approach for best results; this is where I will stay flexible and able to adapt to every dog and owner's needs to ensure a successful outcome.

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Dog Expert Witness. Assessments of dogs under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Expert Witness - Dangerous Dogs Assessor - Breed Type Assessor - American Pit Bull Terrier Identification - Fostering and Adoption Agency Assessor

Dog Expert Witness. Magistrate court
As a qualified full time dog behaviourist I can assess dogs for temperament and provide professional reports with film and photograph based evidence in order to defend owners and their dogs in Magistrate and High Court cases.

Dog behaviour assessments are made in the home, on public walk environments or in secure police compounds by arrangement. I have a Masters Degree in dog behaviour from Middlesex University (Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour and Psychology) and have acted as a dog expert witness following instructions by clients, legal practices, welfare organisations, child adoption and child fostering agencies, the police and courts. I always seek to work in close cooperation with Police Dog Legislation Officers (DLO's) and legal professions bringing a professional yet practical spirit to my work. Most cases involve acts or alleged acts of aggression towards people under Section 3 (1) and (4) of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dogs Act 1871. This combines with the assessment and breed identification (or 'typing') of dogs seized on suspicion of Section 1 offences of the DDA 1991.

Dog Expert Witness. Nick Jones MA
I work on a daily basis with all types of dog behaviour problems in all breeds of dogs, and I resolve cases of aggression to dogs or aggression to people on a near daily basis, thus providing me with the practical, hands on experience in successfully assessing and dealing with such cases. My work allows me to bring together my practical experience combined with a professional service that is required when working with legal cases. I have been working full time as a canine behaviour practitioner for ten years and in that time have carried out in the region of one thousand cases, giving me a great depth of experience.

As an ex Police officer (West Mercia) I am capable of formally assessing, compiling evidence, creating professional reports and offering expert opinion in a court of law, whilst remaining calm, confident and professional when under questioning or handling potentially dangerous dogs. A recent testimonial follows.

“I am a Criminal Defence Solicitor with a firm in Leeds and I was instructed in early-mid 2014 on a matter involving a Bull Mastiff said to have bitten a woman (e.g. dangerously out of control in a public place). The matters were complicated by the fact that the dog had been made subject to a control order to keep it on a fixed lead and muzzled in a public place in 2011 by the same court, which had been disobeyed by the defendant. There was a further offence subsequent to the more serious offence where the dog was again said to be un-muzzled in public, meaning the client had an uphill battle. He pleaded guilty to the offences and was given a community order, but the District Judge made an immediate destruction order against the animal.

This element of the sentence was appealed and upon a recommendation from a fellow lawyer I instructed a Dog Expert Witness, Mr. Nick Jones, who subsequently attended at the police kennels on two occasions (navigating a wall of police bureaucracy in doing so) was eventually able to complete a positive assessment of the dog in a controlled environment, also producing a report and DVD for the appeal.

After several hearings at the Crown Court the matter was eventually ruled upon favourably and the Dog re-homed with a third party which Mr. Jones facilitated. The defendant was not made subject to a banning order personally, and so the outcome was excellent under the circumstances. I am certain that without the expertise of Mr. Jones the dog would have been destroyed and indeed my client would have been made subject to a more onerous order probably banning him from the ownership of other animals."

Joseph Nahal-Macdonald. Criminal Defence Solicitor.

I also welcome the opportunity to carry out dog behaviour assessments on family dogs for fostering and adoption agencies, along with offering the same skill set to social services on household dogs living with a child where a professional risk assessment is required.

A recent testimonial says:

"Nick Jones completes independent dog assessments for our prospective foster carers where applicants have large or boisterous dogs, or dogs that raise any concerns in regard to their reactions around young people.
Nick is extremely knowledgeable about what an agency requires in regard to report writing and has presented well at the visits he has undertaken for our agency.
The reports received have always been extremely well written and go above and beyond our expectations, ensuring all eventualities are covered well.
Alongside this, Nick has been extremely flexible and has provided all reports in a timely manner."

Jennifer Dear
National Panel Coordinator.
Advanced Foster Care

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