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Alpha Dog Behaviour Testimonials


Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd is committed to providing the best in customer service allied with a positive outcome for you and your dog. I offer professional and friendly assistance to my customers for whatever they may need. That's why I am proud of the continued success in satisfying one customer after the other whatever behaviour problems they may be experiencing. Don't just take my word for it- be sure to read through a sample of my customer testimonials to see what they think. The very latest testimonials tend to be placed on my Facebook page and on my listing on Google Maps.

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"Here at the Vale Veterinary group we understand the importance of discussion with new and existing dog owners on all aspects of behaviour and training, and actively promote issues regarding early socialisation, habituation, and basic obedience. When things go wrong, often due to no fault of the owner, then we are pleased to be able to offer referral to Nick Jones of Alpha Dog Behaviour Ltd to provide a thorough and comprehensive service in behavioural counselling and retraining.

To date, we have referred many dogs to Nick, and are very pleased with not only the results achieved but also with the follow-up correspondence both with the owner and with the attending veterinary surgeon."

Lisa Langford BVM&S MRCVS. Small animal partner Vale Veterinary Group.

"We discovered Nick Jones via our local vets and attended a talk he was holding locally; as we needed to be sure he was the right person, with the right attitude, before asking him to help us with our beautiful English springer spaniel, Basil who we love very much. Basil had been having behavioural problems relating to aggression, which had been getting progressively worse during the last 2 years or so. Having tried everything we could possibly think of, and asking advice from other dog trainers, things did not improve. We, together with our other 2 dogs, Jack & Murphy, were at our wit's end.

Then Nick came to our home, and after listening for hours to our problems, and seeing Basil in action, Nick came up with his plan of action! I did have my doubts that his gentle, but firm approach, would be effective, but we saw an immediate positive reaction from Basil, and during the days that followed, things just got better and better. Our home now has a much calmer, happier ambience, and Basil seems to now understand what behaviour is acceptable, and what is not. If he steps out of line now, we know how to handle the situation, and quickly correct him. We realise that we will need to keep on top of things, and nip things in the bud should the need arise, but the future looks brighter for all of us, and our nerves are no longer on edge all the time!

It’s reassuring to know that Nick is always at the end of the phone, or email should we have any problems with Basil in the future, but for now, we are happy and would highly recommend anyone having issues with their canine friends to contact Nick Jones without delay."

Julie Tunks. Tenbury Wells. Worcs.

We cannot recommend Nick Jones of Alpha Dog Behaviour highly enough, he has been inspirational! He came to us in December 2012 after we had experienced unpredictable dog to dog aggression problems with a 3-year-old white German Shepherd/Retriever male we had taken as a 're-home' in August 2012. Nick's approach is always positive, firm and yet kind - he is able to deal sympathetically and realistically with dogs and owners alike without ever being negative.

Every dog/owner situation is different and Nick has the experience and ability to point to the best way forward. Never a quick fix, but if you are prepared to take his advice and show determination and perseverance things can be resolved. We have learned a huge amount, our other dog has benefitted enormously and things are now coming together-before too long we will have two perfectly behaved dogs! It takes time and we could not have done it without Nick's help! Thanks Nick-reassuring to know that you are never more than a phone call or email away."

Sally Sippitt. Reading, Berkshire.

Nick is not only a dog behaviour expert but also a people expert! He is very sensitive in recognising that it’s the behaviour of the owners that can influence that of the dog, and with some common sense modifications, everyone is much happier. He identified that there were some basic changes we could make to what had become our way of life with the dogs that would also help to address the bigger problem – in our case, excessive barking by one of our two working cockers when first in the car, and when the car is approached by others. He introduced techniques that have helped not only with the main issue but also have made both dogs much calmer in the house. We have made great strides, all thank to Nick’s calming, understanding and professional advice and it’s very reassuring to know that we can maintain contact after his visits. We are delighted to recommend him."

Karen Myers. Garston, Berkshire.

"We live in the mountains in Mallorca and decided to get a fourth dog. We bought a boxer in England and flew her out to Palma. We were confident that it would be easy to introduce her to the other three dogs as we previously had friend’s dogs staying with us and had no problems. We couldn't have been more wrong. One of our dogs took an instant dislike to the newcomer resulting in vicious fights between the two dogs. Six weeks and many fights later we were absolutely desperate. We contacted Nick and asked for his help. 

Nick came to Mallorca and stayed with us for two nights. He was able to observe our interaction with the dogs and the interaction between the dogs. As well as discussing and demonstrating different behaviour management techniques, he produced a personalised action plan that included strategies for addressing unwanted dog behaviour and our leadership (or should we say lack of) skills. Considerable change was required and although it was hard work to stick to the plan it has paid dividends. Not only has the aggressive behaviour been dealt with but the boisterous, excitable behaviour of the other dogs has been resolved. Our visiting friends and family are astounded by the change and can't believe how calm the dogs are. Nick's help has been invaluable and he continues to provide on-going support via email and FaceTime."

Helen & Howard Seymour. Mallorca, Spain.

"I highly recommend Nick Jones of Alpha Dog behaviour. We were having problems with our rescue Staffie who had developed dog to dog aggression and was becoming very difficult to walk. Nick is extremely calm and authoritative and had our excitable dog sitting in his bed and walking to heel within seconds of his arrival. He has reassured us that our dog's issues are about nervousness and anxiety rather than dominance and aggression which has helped us to understand him much better and put strategies in place to improve his behaviour.

Nick is very honest and straightforward and is frank about the impact that our behaviour in the home has on the dog, and how we have to take responsibility for that, as well as when we are out walking him. Our dog's behaviour has much improved and we have Nick to thank for that. The fact that he is at the end of the phone is very reassuring, and the information and support he's given us has meant we've felt able to deal with issues that have arisen, and we are always asking each other 'what would Nick tell us to do....?"

Catherine Mangan. Crowle, Worcs.

"We contacted Nick when our 3-year-old German Shepherd dog, Higgins started to wreck the house when left alone after the Xmas period after I had been at home for three weeks with him. The damage he did was terrible, trying to get out of doors and windows. We decided to crate him when we were out, but then the poor dog got so stressed, we came home to pools of blood on the floor from his paws and mouth where he had tried (and succeeded) to rip the crate apart. Luckily my husband could take Higgins with him each day in his van and we tried to make sure one of us was always at home, which was making us both as stressed as Higgins!

We arranged a meeting with Nick who gave us both the advice and information to help poor Higgins and now after just six weeks, what a changed dog. We did follow Nick’s advice to the ‘T’ to make sure Higgins got the best chance to get over his separation anxiety. Thank you Nick for all your advice and information, we can now leave Higgins when we want to go out at weekends and from next week we are going to start leaving him during the day again, for one day each week, building up to the five working days, going back to family and professional dog walkers coming in each lunchtime to walk him.

We cannot believe the change in Higgins, a much happier dog altogether, happy in his own company and not getting stressed every time we leave the room or try to leave the house. We would both recommend Nick to anyone with ‘dog behaviour problems’. He is a gentleman and you can see how much he loves dogs and wants to be able to help them. Thank you Nick!"

Lilian & Trevor Rickard

"As a first-time dog owner, I contacted Nick when I wasn't confident that my training plan with a large and bouncy pup was working well enough. A puppy visit from Nick solved my concerns, headed off potential problems and probably just as important, gave me the confidence to continue the training in a very positive direction.

The puppy happily continued with training and is now an extremely well-behaved dog. I should also say that over 2.5 years later when my dog suddenly decided to stop getting into the car, Nick was happy to have a long chat on the phone, reassuring that what I was doing to fix it was the right thing. (He was right - it worked). I would highly recommend giving Nick at ADB a call if you have training or behavioural problems or concerns with your dog - or just want to make sure you're on the right track. He fixes both dogs and humans in an unflappable, experienced and patient way and doesn't make you feel like an idiot when things aren't going to plan."

Henrietta Bird. Wilts.

"We got in touch with Nick when our 6-month-old springer spaniel developed separation anxiety, he would howl and bark whenever left alone!!! Our visit with Nick confirmed the steps we were taking were in the right direction, he gave us advice on all aspects of how we behaved with our puppy which would all come together in building up his confidence in being left alone, as well as building our confidence in being able to leave him on his own again. Nick's advice was excellent, he gave us steps to follow which we thought were easy to follow and achievable, and our detailed report we received was an excellent tool to keep referring back to.

He is always there at the end of the phone or by email should we need reassuring if Ozzie has had a wobble, we are making brilliant progress with Ozzie and are able to leave him for longer periods, and we are continuing to work on this. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone who has concerns with their dog, he has helped us to achieve massive progress :) Thanks, Nick!!!"

Laurie Robertson. Kidderminster, Worcs.

"We enlisted Nick's help, due to some problems we were having with our young Rough Collie, mainly car phobia, bad recall and stone eating. I have to say, not having had this type of service before, I have been more than pleased with the friendly and respectful help we have received. I have owned dogs before, so felt a little uneasy before the first visit, but Nick made us feel at ease from the moment he came through our front door and the level of support we have had since that first visit, has been second to none.

The car phobia is an ongoing issue, but the others have been reasonably quickly resolved, with the techniques advised. We received a very comprehensive report after the first visit, on the various measures we need to do and any new issues are dealt with the same level of care. So to sum up, I can’t rate this service any higher and have no trouble recommending him to others who are experiencing problems with their dog. Thank Nick.

Keith Bishop. Kidderminster, Worcs.

"When we contacted Nick regarding Dexters lively and sometimes aggressive behaviour we were worried this could be our last chance to change things else consider rehoming our beloved family member. However when Nick came and we discussed the issues and he assessed how we were with him it seemed a simple few changes by us as his owners could be all that was needed to make the situation better.

Nick was right, After putting Nicks tips and advice into practice we have made significant changes and Dexter now welcomes our 1-year-old son and isn’t aggressive or snappy. He is a lot calmer when guests arrive and no longer rules the roost but respect us as his owners. We will continue to make small changes and hope this improved behaviour will continue and Dexter and Jake will become best friends. We would like to thank Nick for helping us in our time of need as Dexter is such a huge part of our family and the thought of not having him was too hard to bear."

Thank you again!

Stacey Emery. Warwickshire.

“Before Nick came to us, Alfie our 18-month-old Springer was showing signs of aggression towards us and was very possessive over his bed and other items in the home. Using a calm, controlled and positive approach Nick showed us ways to correct his bad manners and behaviour.

We learned that Alfie had become ‘Top Dog’ and we were jumping to his every command – this has changed for the better and we are now the leaders of the pack! Nick also helped us with Alfie’s recall – being a Springer Alfie loves being out, so much so that he wasn’t interested in coming back when asked! With new techniques in place and turning it into a positive experience for Alfie this is something that will now continue to improve.

The changes Nick showed us have helped us take control and having Alfie is no longer the chore it once was. We still have work to do, but we now have the right methods in place to reach the outcome we have always wanted – a happy dog with happy owners!
Nick, thank you so much for your clear and helpful advice that has transformed Alfie into our new best friend."

Jo, Mitch, and Alfie. West Midlands

“Nick came to speak with us at the Halesowen branch of St. Georges Veterinary Group to hold a question and answers session during our lunch hour. We brought our own dogs in, and all had questions to ask him.

We all found his answers most helpful, and the session was very informative. I would recommend Nick for all your behavioural problems.”

St. Georges Vets. Claire Cockburn MRCVS BVMS

"I have met several people recently who have commented on Molly's behaviour and what a lovely dog she is! I always tell them if it wasn't for you and lots of time and patience I'm not sure she'd be with me today! In fact, I gave your name and number to a lady I met at a dog agility show recently who was having problems with her Border Collie which prompted me to get in touch with you and let you know how well Molly is doing.
We persevered with agility and started entering Kennel Club shows in June 2013. She has surpassed our trainer and my expectations and is now Grade 4 and I have just sent off for our Agility Warrant Silver award.

She is a lovely dog and has been very accepting of the new furry addition to our family. She is very protective of her but also a little jealous of her when it comes to agility but I think the competition has done her good! Whatever Bella can do Molly has to do too! (Bella is very good at agility, already Grade 5 and not even 2yrs old).

Thanks for your help and guidance in those early months. I wouldn't be without her for the world!"

Helen Roberts. Solihull, Birmingham.

“I telephoned Nick late one evening a virtual wreck having witnessed my beloved Bassett Hound 'go for my mum'.
This was the second occasion and I felt that I had two options left to me; get help, some serious help, or get rid of my dog. I approached Nick as his website was so detailed, and as an added bonus the cost of his support in behaviour modification would be covered by my dog insurance.
Nick gave me some instant advice over the telephone and lots of reassurance that this awful situation could be turned around with hard work and consistency on my part. Within 30 minutes of Nick's first visit, I learnt some fantastic techniques and was astounded at how both of my dogs responded to Nick.

Bassett's are stubborn in my opinion, but here were my hounds looking to Nick for instruction. To cut a long story short, and leaving out all of the training, changes in my behaviour, house leads and mooring points! I now have two happy, content, easygoing dogs, which know I am in charge and act accordingly.

Our training continues, and I know that Nick is on the end of a telephone should I need any further advice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick to anybody and am sincerely grateful for his support and guidance!”

Nicky Frisby. Loughborough.

"I found Nick to be extremely helpful. He helped in every aspect of my dog's behaviour, even down to diet.

Nick gave good, sound, solid advice and putting into practice his recommendations, I was amazed at the change in my dog.
In advising me of my dog's behavioural problems, he also educated me into becoming an understanding, responsible dog owner.
With Nick's help, my confidence has grown, and my dog and I are well on our way to having a very happy owner/dog relationship. I would recommend anyone having a problem with their dog, however small it may be, to contact Nick.
Nick, thank you so much for your help. You're invaluable."

Mrs. Newton. Stourport

"When I phoned Nick I was pretty desperate and even feared that we might not be able to keep Bruno, our beautiful but unsociable Springer Spaniel. Bruno's aggressive attitude towards his own kind had ended in me avoiding other dogs and their owners, I had stopped taking him to the local dog exercise field and I was even worried about walking him along the road in case another dog appeared.

Nick came to visit and he made an immediate and major difference. He enabled us to realise that Bruno, much loved at home, was pretty much leader of the pack and that my husband, the children and I were all reinforcing his leadership role. We were also making him anxious although we were not aware of this. Nick showed us that the key to altering Bruno's aggression outside the home was to calmly and kindly exert more control within it. He showed us what to do and how to do it and the results have been amazing - a much calmer and happier dog who can now approach other dogs without going berserk. I have even started taking him into our local dog-walking field again, something I thought I would never be able to do, and we continue to make excellent progress.

My daughter has also said, "You'd think he was a really well-trained dog - he does everything you tell him and he's a darling!"
Nick, thank you so much for all your advice and help (and we know you remain at the other end of the phone or email if we need extra support)."

Mrs. Marshall, Bromsgrove.

“I'm delighted the boys have made so much progress in just a few weeks. Thank you for making this possible and to Amber for being such a calming influence!

Recall work will be my priority for the next few weeks and I will also start to take the boys for short walks together.

If I can be of any help to reassure any potential clients, please don't hesitate to put them in touch with me. I'm now a firm believer that even wild Jack Russell terrier's behaviour can be modified when you know how and are prepared to work at it. Thank you again for your patience, support, and encouragement.”

C. Nobrega. Bewdley.

“The professional advice and training given were appropriate, accurate and effective. No false promises of success were made, but success was definitely achieved! Our dog is the happiest he has ever been, and we will certainly continue with his training.

I would recommend Nick to any dog owner!"

Miss Fisher - Stourport

"I just thought I'd give you an update on Sam's progress. He's doing very well - it all started with your suggestion of tin foil, (ed. Sam loved to go onto the expensive sofa!)this broke his mental pattern, then one night he decided to make his bed under the bench seating in the kitchen. So we put his bed under there and now that's where he sleeps at night. Last night he even went to bed without telling him and in the mornings we let him up on the bed for about an hour until we get up. Surprisingly he's just not that interested and obsessive any more about being on the bed, he enjoys it but in the day he'd rather sleep on his own bed.

(This dog had built up a serious case of separation anxiety, and was often ill if not allowed to sleep with the owners)."

Mr. & Mrs. Roland - Belbroughton.

"Willow was such a nightmare to live with before Nick came to us, to the extent that I felt uncomfortable to be left alone with her because of her dominance towards me. I got to the stage that I thought she may have to be re-homed, as I felt no affection for her as she kept biting me. Now I am in control of her, and I love her as part of the family. She is a pleasure to be with. Thank you Nick."

Mrs. Brant - Stourport

"Working with Nick has given me the much-needed support, knowledge and encouragement to continue to work with Benjie, and I am now confident that, with the possibility of further sessions as and when necessary, Benjie will become the well-mannered, obedient, happy dog that everyone will love to be around.

His advice on all aspects of the dog's welfare has been invaluable. I am so grateful for his expertise. It has been a joy to watch him working with the dog. He accomplishes so much in a short time and in such a gentle manner and it is obvious that Benjie likes and respects him."

Mrs. Cowdry - Droitwich.

"We are very happy with the progress we have made following Nick's guidance and advice...Calm is almost restored!!"
Mr. & Mrs. Fellows. Ombersley, Worcs.

“Nick is very approachable and a nice person to work with. I was amazed at how quickly Elvis (Ed. Yes a dog named Elvis...thank you very much) responded to his first session.”

Miss Bullock - Kidderminster

“Given that Tess is 13 years old and has come from a deprived background, I am heartened by the improvement I have seen whilst recognising that this will be a long-term venture requiring patience, persistence and consistency.”

Mrs. Leighton - Kidderminster

“We found that Nick really helped us- his advice was easy to follow and effective- it was also great to know that if we needed any help between visits he was just a phone call or an email away.”

Rhea Dodge - Shrawley

“Willow is coming along nicely with her training after Nick was able to offer lots of sound advice. We were more than happy with Nick’s service and will certainly call him again if we ever need to.”

Mrs. Beard - Bewdley

“I really feel so much happier knowing that Purdy is not a nut case as I secretly feared! You really have been so kind to us and we do so appreciate all the valuable help you have given plus time. Please keep in touch. We have so benefited from your advice and help.”

Mrs. Lawson - Dunley

“Rosie is responding beautifully to all aspects of her training. We are all delighted with her progress.”

A Goodwin - Droitwich

“I feel more confident with Monty now. Instead of worrying about how he was going to behave, disobeying me, walks have become a pleasure as I have more control. I’m sure Monty enjoys it more too. Thanks Nick!”

Laura Hewit - Bewdley

“The “Time Out” has been a great help and something we don’t have to do as often anymore. Thought you might like to know that Jack has actually been sleeping in his crate! During this lovely weather we positioned it in the patio door with the doors open so to go outside he had to walk through it which he does- no problem and he has been sleeping there at his own choice. So hopefully the crate will work after all. Many thanks for all your help.”

John and Julie Hollyoak - Kidderminster

“We are really pleased with the way Elvis (Ed. Yes, really, another dog called Elvis!) has responded to the training. We now feel a lot more confident and have a much more fulfilling relationship with him. Thanks, Nick!”

Susie and Dan Barnes - Astley

“We are pleased with Jack’s progress. I know we need to work with him but things are a great deal better. He doesn’t go upstairs and generally knows his place. Thanks, Nick.”

V Caswell - Neen Savage

“Sasha seems a lot better and seems more relaxed. She is much quieter at nights whilst we are watching TV."

J Dewdney- Kidderminster

"Old Beandoggers is now quite calm in his greetings to my wife and I. He just calmly walks up to us and sits with tail wagging when we come in. He does that with company now, too! Amazing! Hard to believe just a few weeks ago anyone that came through our door was greeted with a force stronger than any hurricane!
Thanks for your help on this Nick!"

Artie - USA.

"Penny is now a pleasure to be with. Nick has taught us how to handle and train her, in a non-aggressive way. Excellent result from a very knowledgeable and nice guy."

Mr. & Mrs. Gowan - Kidderminster

"Just to let you know Jayne and I have rediscovered music (Ed. This dog would become very distressed at the sound of music playing from most sources...high levels of anxiety were shown immediately) we have been sitting listening to Doctor Hook; something we haven’t been able to do for the past three years.

Even my daughter has noticed the change in Sally as she is much calmer. Sally’s singing days are almost over although she still has the odd groan but knowing when she is likely to start and using the clicker/treats she stays calm.

I no longer have the problem in the car if I feel she is upset I simply use the clicker and she remains calm. We appreciate we are still at the beginning of a journey which is getting shorter by the day, and can’t thank you enough for your help and advice.
Must go now, I need to change the cd...."

Mr. & Mrs. Stockton - Bewdley.

"Just a short email to thank you for all the help you have given us over the past month. It's been worth every penny. We really feel now that we can go away and practice everything that you have shown us. Thanks for yesterday as well. What a difference those few hours made and believe me she was shattered for the rest of the night!! At least now we know that she is able to walk sensibly and hopefully soon enough we will get her looking really good on the lead. I will try and keep in touch over Christmas and we will hopefully see you in the new year. Hopefully, by then, you will see a big difference in her. Fingers crossed!! Have a lovely Christmas."

Carrie & Darren - Leominster

"Hello Nick, Holly is making big progress! Yesterday we had three visitors and she actually let them touch her and lay by their feet.
The clicker is working for the heeling very well. Today I clicked and treated every time she looked up at me. Then we saw 3 dogs walking the same way we were walking but at a distance. I sat her and clicked and treated, then took one step and another following them, clicking and treating all the time. We got closer but then they disappeared round the bend. Another dog appeared. He was making a lot of noise so I turned her round and she kept looking back at him but as soon as she was facing forward I clicked and treated. It was amazing how well she handled it despite his noise."

Hazel - Highley.

"Hello Nick, I'm so excited I just had to get in touch with you. Today, four men arrived to do a flooring job and it entailed the living room and hall. After initially telling Blaze (Ed. One of the biggest GSD's I have ever worked with!) to sit and leave, even when the double doors to the kitchen were open, he didn't make a move towards the men. Just sat and watched them working - not even a growl came from him, even though they were only a couple of feet away from him...Isn't that amazing!?

I have found a big difference in him. A couple of weeks ago one of my neighbours came in and I was showing him the living room. Blaze, I thought, was in the kitchen, but he came around the outside, through the conservatory and straight into the room. I quickly said 'leave' and all Blaze did was have a sniff of the neighbour and then I told him to go into the kitchen. He did without any fuss or bother and not once did I have to touch him. I'm absolutely amazed and delighted.

Nick, I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave with him. It really is like having a different dog in the house, I know that we still have a way to go but daily training and letting him constantly know that I am the leader in this house is reaping its rewards. Even the training is hard to call 'training' as it is just day to day common sense, setting down your standards of behaviour, as you would with a child.

As you can guess, each time he behaves as I expect him to, my confidence grows and Blaze himself seems a very much more relaxed member of our family. Next time I get excited over something he has achieved I will be sending you another e-mail, as I know you understand how I feel and I so wanted to tell someone.
Take care Nick and again, a big thank you.
From a very chuffed dog owner."

Meg - Stourport

"Dear Nick, We just wanted to let you know that we have a “new Barney” since your visit. The old aggressive nippy Barney has nearly disappeared and our new Jack Russell is a happy good dog that we are all enjoying having in the family-me included! I am starting dog training next week and I am actually looking forward to it. We have been doing a bit of clicker training every day so it won’t be too much of a shock to Barney.

The crate discipline has really helped and we call it the “ sin bin “. It doesn’t have to be used so much now but it’s there if we need it. Barney and the cats are much better, still not best buddies but not arch enemies anyway. There are still occasional events in the living room but nothing like before. Barney loves to go on walks and is off the lead most of the time.
Thanks once again for your help it has been invaluable."

Mrs. Poyner. - Stourport

"Hi Nick, So you're the Cesar Millan of the UK, huh? Have you ever seen the TV show 'Dog Whisperer'?
Thank you a million times for the advice. I never expected such a long and detailed is much appreciated. We started taking your advice this morning. Believe it or not, after 7 or 8 entries into the house by either me, my wife or both of us, I believe Stanley (AKA Beandoggers) may be starting to catch on. The first time he calmed down after about 2 minutes and just went to his rug. We left him there for a few minutes then gave him a few pets. The second time was about the same thing, and maybe even the third time. Then the strangest thing....every time after that he still does his hearty hello, but the time it takes him to calm down seems to be getting shorter and shorter. I really think that after another day or two of this the problem may be solved! In a few days, we'll start using neighbors for this, too!

I think your words of canine wisdom are going to solve this, so thanks!
So his greetings are really the only problem we have with him. He gets along very well with other dogs, he's gentle with children and just a real sweetheart in general.

Thanks a million! I'll let you know when he's 100% cured."

Peace, Artie. USA.

"Excellent training session, addressing all the issues raised. Will highly recommend as money well spent; an excellent investment in Max!"

Mrs. Beddall. Bewdley.

Sam is a real pleasure to have around. He is a real teenager...reminders have to be given, but he is very keen to learn. He is much calmer now on greetings etc, and was no bother at all on holiday on the campsites. We need to go back a bit with the separation stuff as he has had constant company over the hols with us all being here, but over all, he is great. They now both sleep in the kitchen without any winging until at least 7 ish which is fine. His recall is good off the lead, and he is quite good at leaving other dogs when playing out on the common etc, and coming back to us. He has struggled with his tummy over the hols, and has seen quite a lot of the vet, who was amazed at the huge improvement in him...his calmness and lack of frightened look etc!"

Mrs. McFarlane, Malvern.

"Hi Nick, Thank you for the Dog Behaviour session I had with you recently and would like you to know how much it has enhanced my relationship with my Jack Russell puppy. The session made me realise that although I have owned dogs for many years, it was my behaviour and my partners that needed addressing as much as the dog's. The change has been instant, and I have had so many friends and family tell me how much Jimmy has changed for the better as he was starting to get out of control. This really was the best Christmas present I have ever had and I would strongly recommend you to anyone who has a dog that is taking over."

Alan, Stourport.

"Hi Nick, Thanks so much for your advice yesterday and for confirming it all in writing. We have had a very enjoyable day with Charlie today. I put him in his crate this morning while I got the kids ready. He was happy to go and as a result, we had a much more stress-free morning. I took away the puppy pads and have taken him outside every hour using treats as a reward when he goes and so far no accidents for the first day yet !!!! He is already happy to sit and wait by the door. I'm absolutely over the moon at how well he's responded to your suggestions, and I feel much better being in control. So thanks once again."

Misses Newton, Bewdley.

"Just wanted to thank you for all your help with Molly. Since your first visit Molly is a much more settled puppy and more importantly, we feel more in control. We found the immediate transformation in her quite remarkable. She is now much calmer in the house and no longer biting us which has enabled us to start some training with her. Through your guidance we are now able to walk her on a short lead in her obedience class and are no longer having to deal with her jumping up, biting and grabbing hold of the lead. (The class leader is also amazed with the difference in her). We would also like to thank you for encouraging us to crate train her as this has been invaluable. We would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone who has a problem with their dog, we found you to be very understanding and knowledgeable. It is a comfort knowing that we are able to contact you at any time for further advice should we need it. Many thanks the Roberts family."

Misses Roberts, Solihul.

"Hello Nick, since your visit he's been introduced to so much new stuff - the lead, walking, strangers, other dogs, cats, rabbits etc and he's been an absolute legend. We're using your advice about keeping a lead on him and such a simple thing has changed our whole approach, we can control him without him mistaking it for play. He knows he can only go in the lounge if he's super calm. Yesterday he sat in his bed in there for two hours without a single mistake; it was like he was plastic!

More than anything we want to thank you for reminding us he is a dog, not a human and his needs are very different. With your three hours teaching, we are so much happier and have a happy balanced puppy that is so well behaved that everyone we meet is amazed he's so young. We'll keep you updated on our progress but thanks again for your excellent advice."

Mrs. Harris. Bromsgrove.

"Riverside Vets have worked closely with Nick Jones at Alpha Dog Behaviour for some time. We have arranged many puppy parties at our clinic and as a result of this we were able to offer our clients a follow-up socialisation party run by Nick.
The clinic received nothing but positive feed back from these meetings.

Our clients are now confident that with the advice given by Nick, they will continue to practice the basic commands and gain a mutual understanding of their pet, which in the future will hopefully lead to well behaved dogs and happy owners! We have had many individual behavioural cases, which Nick was more than happy to step in and assist with. We display Nick’s business card and contact details on our surgery notice board, and have the utmost confidence that he will provide our clients a first class service with sensible, practical advice."

From all the staff at Riverside Veterinary Clinic, Bewdley.